What are the Benefits of Ginger? 10 Unexpected Benefits

ginger benefits

Grab an inch of ginger, knock it down, smash it and toss into boiling water. Drink the ginger water and see the difference it makes in curing your long-troubling cold and cough! 

Warm welcome to you, reader! 

This article will tell you about what are the benefits of ginger. As far as Indian foods are considered, ginger is used as an integral part of their cuisine. From morning tea to spicy Pongal to any Vada or snack recipe, the use of ginger is indeed extensive. And this article will help you discover the benefits of ginger that are probably least known to you.

Here is a bunch of benefits of ginger you need to know if you’re probably looking for what are the benefits of ginger. Believe me, it will blow your mind!

10 Mind blowing Benefits of Ginger

Cure cold

You must be nodding! Yes, ginger gives you the best cure out of common cold. No matter how severe your cold is, consuming two to three servings of ginger syrup will do the magic into your system and weed out the phlegm off the body and relieve you. 

what are the benefits of ginger

You may now have sound sleep like a baby, ghrrrrr!! Yeah!

For this, you need to have ginger in its most natural form without mixing it with any other ingredient. And I know you cannot chow down ginger. Well, you may make a warm syrup as said in the beginning. Smash an inch of ginger and boil it in water. Strain and consume the water in lukewarm state. Wait for the magic to happen then.

Fights your stomach problems

If you are troubled by the hefty meal you had last night, no worries – grab the ginger!


Ginger has the tendency of treating stomach problems. Be it upset stomach, problems with digestion or other disorders in your gastrointestinal tract, ginger juice helps in clearing them all and promote proper digestion. And that is why there is the common practice of sipping lime-ginger after a non-vegetarian feast, as it helps normalize the process of digestion and control the feel of nausea or vomiting.

Hint: Ever tried Inji Mittai? A perfect mix of ginger, jaggery and a little sugar! Grab a pack of it before your next travel. That aids in curbing vomiting sensation.

Cancer? Present Miss! 

Any health article you come across will assure you of the cancerous information about cancer! I’m not joking! 

Here you go: this is one more answer to your question about what are the benefits of ginger? Ginger has got rich cell-protecting properties. As we include a lot of spices in our food intake every day, our cells tend to undergo DNA changes and cell damage. While ginger cannot always cure it 100%, when used along with the other spices in cooking, ginger helps by counteracting such cell damages. 

Ouch! It’s paining! Go, get your ginger! 

The benefits for ginger is also inclusive of relieving body pain of many kinds. Physical pain as well as pain caused during menstrual cycle are relieved by ginger to some extent.


Though it cannot give 100% relief from the pain, ginger is proven to give relaxation and relief from chronic pain as it helps in subsiding its severity. It is advisable that you consume ginger in any form of at least 2 grams per day so that you get to see the actual results in at least 2 weeks. 

Brings down your cholesterol levels 

cholesterol levels

Studies stand by the fact that ginger helps in controlling your cholesterol levels as well as triglycerides levels. As the medical world believes, cholesterol is the primary culprit causing heart diseases, your regular consumption of ginger may help in keeping cholesterol levels under control. It furthermore helps in subsiding LDL cholesterols and promotes boosting HDL cholesterol levels.

Cures motion sickness

Not just kids, even adults tend to vomit and fall sick when they go on a long travel. And when it comes to hairpin bends, most people tend to get totally dizzy and lose their stability! 


Worry not! Grab a piece of ginger. Its intense flavors and smell has the ability to cure motion sickness. You may either get a bottle of ginger juice or ginger candy that you may popularly find in the bus stops and railway stations, and other public hotspots! 

Best cure for ovarian cancer cells 

While I’ve already given you the hint about the benefits for ginger in curing cancer, here is one more. Ginger is particularly helpful in the cure of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is one of the chronic cancer conditions that occur in women. It affects the reproductive system in women.

The natural power of ginger is said to combat the ill effects of ovarian cancer cells and helps the cancer victim in fighting the life-threatening disease.

Keeps you calm! 

Yes, you read that right. Ginger’s strong flavors help you in keeping your mental health stable by controlling your stress levels. 

I’m tensed! I’m worried! I’m distressed! These are ubiquitous terms heard everywhere. There are stress and depression all around you – from a toddler to an old adult!

Have you ever noticed that you feel super-relaxed and cool after sipping a cup of ginger tea or ginger lime soda? Yes, there lies the magic. Ginger works by destressing your mind and gives you the dose of relaxation that’s much needed in today’s fast-paced world.

Boosts immunity 

Human life is all about immunity. It is a fabulous element, we, humans have in our physiological system. Our immune system keeps us protected from recurrence of diseases and sickness in our body. In case you notice frequent sickness like fever, infections, blood disorders, inflammations in your internal organs, and so on, you may easily understand that your body needs an immunity boost. And ginger gives you the exact dose of immunity as required.

A bonus Mother Tip! If there are growth and developmental delay in children, it may be due to poor immunity. You ought to focus on your child’s food intake!

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Flushes your liver 

Alert: Just because I’m listed at the end, don’t think I’m least important.

Your liver works in detoxifying chemicals and filters your body’s blood composition. And with that being said, your liver naturally accumulates all the chemical deposits and harmful metals that stay as sediments. So, how to weed them out? Get your piece of ginger once again. Ginger has the property of flushing out your liver and keep it protected from such harmful materials.

Windup Note 

As aforementioned, ginger is used as an integral part of south Indian cuisine not just to add flavor and taste to dishes, but also to infuse its goodness and benefits. You may now get what are the benefits of ginger. If we preserve the traditional cooking practices and natural treatment methods as practiced by our ancestors where ginger, pepper, garlic, and other important spices are the primary source of medications.

If you’ve not considered using ginger as a main part of your daily food intake, at least start the practice from now on! As it has a myriad of benefits much beyond this listing! 

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