10 Tremendous Benefits Of Methi Water You Ought To Know

benefits of methi water

Often times, drinking methi water in the morning with an empty stomach is much recommended. But have you ever thought why and what are the benefits of methi water? This article is here to explain all of it. Read on:

Methi or fenugreek is a fascinating spice that contains a myriad of essential nutrients your body needs. Methi is widely preferred and used in the forms of seeds as well as leaves for their miraculous health benefits. There are intense anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties found in methi that altogether does a lot many good to your skin, hair, and overall body. 

In case you don’t like the bitter flavor of Methi, you may have it in the form of Methi water. And here is how you prepare the same:

How To Prepare Methi(Fenugreek) Water

  • Step 1 – Dry roast 25 grams of methi seeds in a pan 
  • Step 2 – Let it cool 
  • Step 3 – Grind the roasted methi seeds in a dry mixer jar 
  • Step 4 – Boil a glass of water and add a spoon of Methi powder and mix well.

And your Methi water is ready. You can have this as the first thing in the morning. 

Here is a consolidated list of ten benefits of methi water and how it aids your physiology towards achieving your goal of healthy living and happy lifestyle. 

Below are the Unbelievable Benefits Of Methi Water You Need to know:

1. Aids weight loss

Methi is rich in Galactomannan which is a water-soluble component. It works by suppressing your appetite and thus directly aids your weight loss journey. As you consume methi in the form of methi water, it increases your body’s heat and thus promotes faster fat burning. It basically inhibits accumulation of fat in the body. 

According to studies conducted on a selective population of Korean women state that there is a substantial reduction in the volume of food consumption if they were given methi water before mealtime. In one other study, it was discovered that in people who regularly consumed methi seeds in any form, the feeling of satiety increases. Thus, you tend to feel fuller sooner and don’t crave for food all the time.

So, I guess you now have reasons to include methi water every day! 

2. Fights Diabetes and Promotes Insulin Secretion

How many are diabetic out there? Easily, so many! 

Diabetes is a condition where your body tends to undergo fluctuations in blood sugar levels, as most of you certainly know. And for those who are diabetic, it’s inevitable to watch out their food habits. This is where fenugreek comes in. Methi seeds have got the capability of lowering your body’s blood sugar levels. It enhances the way in which your body assimilates sugar. 

Basically, Methi seeds are high in fiber and its components work by reducing the rate of carbohydrate and sugar absorption. Studies suggest consuming at least 10g fenugreek every day so that type-2 diabetes can be kept under control. 

As you consume fenugreek in the form of methi water, there is considerable decrease in fasting glucose.

Do you know? There prevails the practice of making breads using fenugreek flour which is highly recommended for the diabetics? It helps in reducing body’s insulin resistance. 

3. Glowing and Gorgeous Hair 

Methi seed also works in properly maintaining your hair besides treating your physiological troubles. Of course, your hair problems are consequences of your physiology. Getting back on track, the benefits of methi water on your hair is that it rectifies various kinds of hair problems and produces thick, shiny, strong hair. 

One of the acute hair conditions is dandruff. It ruptures hair roots and the scalp as well. To combat the condition, you may consume methi water or also go for external treatment by applying a fine paste of soaked methi seeds and curd. Furthermore, regular consumption of methi water inhibits early greying of hair, and it promotes hair growth naturally. 

Why go for chemical treatments when you already have natural and organic methods of getting glowing hair?

 Importantly, the very basic benefit of methi water is that it gives an excellent glow to your hair and leaves it look silky. Over and above, you get your very own hair the way you would love. 

4. Cures Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 

It has become ubiquitous for women to fall prey to PCOS. Ask any woman in random, and she may confess her PCOS trouble. Though it has become too common, it doesn’t mean it’s not curable. Hang on! You have the miraculous benefits of methi water. Before you understand the effect of methi in women with PCOS, you need to comprehend what the condition is all about. 

In women with PCOS, biologically, it means their tissues don’t properly use the insulin secreted in the body. This results in a surge of testosterone production and obesity. This ultimately delays the process of conceiving. To counterattack this condition, you may start consuming fenugreek seeds water regularly.

5. Boosts Breastmilk Supply

A lot of factors such as postpartum depression, stress, fatigue or sleepless nights may result in poor breastmilk production. Worry not, you are not alone. A lot of women on earth who have given birth commonly face this problem for which you need not feel alienated! 

To increase your breastmilk supply, all you need is fenugreek. Simply soak fenugreek seeds in water to leave it aside for up to five hours. Strain the water and consume it to find a massive increase in breastmilk supply. Well, there are other ways of consuming methi as well. You may include the seeds along with rice porridge and consume it as a meal.

6. Assures Heart Health and Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure 

As you probably know, methi seeds are heart-healthy. It helps in maintaining proper cholesterol levels in the body. And further, it helps in improving your blood pressure as well. Almost 48 percent of fenugreek comprises of fiber which creates a viscous gel through the process of digestion in the intestine. This postpones and extends the digestion of fat and sugar components consumed in your meal which is one among the benefits of methi water.

7. Natural Pain Killer

Do you know? Fenugreek is rich in Alkaloids? 

And Alkaloids are sensory receptors that inhibits the brain from receiving pain signals. 

Fenugreek is a very well-known pain killer. In particular, the benefits of methi water is that when it is regularly consumed, women tend to feel lesser pain during their menstrual cycle. In a recent study conducted in women, fenugreek supplements were given for two consecutive months and found that there was a substantial reduction in menstrual cramps experienced during the first two days of the cycle. So, naturally, there is going to be no need for pain killer pills either.

8. Boosts Sexual Drive

In women suffering from the low or poor sexual drive and with aged men, the benefits of methi waterworks by improving either condition. The fenugreek seeds contain Libifem and Testofem both of which are used to treat these sexual conditions. It furthermore aids men in increasing their sperm count and hence it’s often suggested for people who have troubles in conceiving. 

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9. Cures Constipation

In case you don’t consume the required amount of fiber or water, there are chances for you to get constipated. Constipation is a condition where your body has lesser amounts of bowel movements than it actually should. For this trouble, the benefits of methi water is magical. It is in fact stressed upon by western medicine. 

As fenugreek contains high soluble fiber, it absorbs intestinal water and pressurizes the intestine to cause contractions and bowel movements, and thus reducing your constipation trouble. 

10. Reduces Body Heat

Fenugreek is a natural body coolant. When your body has got a lot more heated up, it may result in boils, redness in eyes, itchy eyes, etc. It may even cause severe stomach pain. These conditions can be treated by consuming fenugreek water. Drinking methi water in the empty stomach is such a tremendous way to cool down your body. But make sure not to overdo the same as you may get cold or fever when your body is rapidly cooled down with excessive consumption of methi water which is very powerful. 

Tip time – You need to drink a lot of water and fresh juice and include a lot of fruits in your diet so that your body maintains its proper temperature range.  

Wind Up Note

There are too many reasons for you to include methi seeds in your diet. Have you ever thought of the reason behind adding fenugreek to the idli batter prepared at households, or the regular curries like the Brinjal curry, Drumstick curry, Fish curry, or others that are usually prepared? The logic behind is that we unintentionally include all the potential herbs into our food. 

Considering Indian cuisine, all the herbs are organically infused in our cooking practices. All that we need to do is simply follow the traditional recipes and preserve our cultural practices so that we retain the entire goodness and leave it unhindered.

Methi has got tremendous health benefits and that is why a lot of medicines, tonics, pills, and more are being prepared using these seeds. There are several studies and researches still going on in the same lines to discover its hidden benefits and potential to cure even the most chronic conditions which are hoping to turn positive. 

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