10 Crunchy Health benefits of apple to give you reasons to love the fruit

health benefits of apple

We are taught in our primary standards that an apple a day can keep the doctor away. And
that holds true even today!

This article will discuss in detail the health benefits of the apple and how it can enhance your overall well-being. For you to understand how essential apples are, let me tell you a recent study result: in a study conducted in the US, it is found that two varieties of apples rank No 13 and 14 respectively among a hundred fruits.

This study ranking is based on the 100 best antioxidant-rich foods. Well, antioxidants are nothing but those compounds helpful in fighting diseases.

Let’s quickly explore the health benefits of apples in the below:

Helps fight cancer

Study results say, there could be the possibility of a 23 percent decrease in pancreatic cancer by consuming apples that are high in flavonol content. The skin peels from apples can have potential components that can curb cancer cells from developing. These are called triterpenoids. This helps in curbing various kinds of cancers like colon cancer, breast cancer, or liver cancer from developing. Furthermore, not just apples, any fruit that is high in fiber can control colorectal cancer, as per researches, a component called procyanidins triggers a series of death in cancer cells. In rats fed with apple water, there are 50% lesser precancerous lesions. 

Aids in weight loss 

First of all, the health benefits of apple are that it is very high in fibre. This naturally makes it one of the much preferred choice of food for weight loss. There is approximately 4 grams of fibre in an average sized apple. This accounts to almost 16 percent of total fibre intake recommended for a normal person. 

Apples are particularly high in pectin fiber which serves in absorbing excessive dietary fats. Plus, you get the feel of satiety for longer time periods. Fibrous foods work by prolonging the process of digestion and hence you avoid bingeing which altogether accounts for weight loss. 

A bonus tip: apples work by feeding the good bacteria found in the gut. This boosts your metabolism and aids in controlling weight – simple! 

Above all, apples are one of the negative calorie fruits you can always have for weight loss. By saying negative calories, it doesn’t mean it is free from any calories at all. It is rather of very less calories of about 50 calories in every 100 grams. It naturally makes apple a healthy choice for weight loss! So, even if you have a bunch of apples, there is going to be no substantial increase in weight.

Improved digestion and overall digestive properties 

Once again, we got to attribute the success of apples to their pectin content. Pectin is notably a soluble fiber found in apples. This is a wonderful component that aids your body’s digestive processes. Now, let me tell you how it works: pectin extracts all the water content of your body system and makes a gel out of it. This slows down the digestive process and transfers stool to the intestine. 

Bonus compound: apple area also high in malic acid which aids in digestion too! This is found both in red as well as green apples. 

Do you know? One of the main reasons for weight gain is improper digestion taking place in our body. As a result, our body doesn’t absorb the nutrients found in the food we take in. 

The body will not be able to eliminate its waste efficiently when you don’t have proper digestion happening in the system. This slows down the overall metabolic rate and makes it tough to burn calories. Once again, apple waves in here! As you consume more apples, there is better digestion taking place in your tract which slows down digestion and promotes smoother bowel movements which altogether aids in weight loss.

Ample water content and satiating fruit 

Of course, all fruits are rich in water, naturally. Apples are no exception. It is one of the fulfilling and highly nutritive fruits you may include in your diet. The health benefits of apple are inclusive of its 85 percent water content. This fruit, hence, naturally helps you feel fuller for prolonged periods not just for its fiber content, but also its water content.

More reasons to love the fibrous fruit 

Apple being high in fiber, it is not just good for weight loss, but also a myriad of other reasons. Firstly, when you experience constipation trouble, having apples can largely aid you. It can extract water off the colon and help you with seamless bowel movements. On the other hand, for people with irritable bowel syndrome which is significantly noted with constipation, diarrhea, pain in the abdomen, bloating trouble, etc., having an apple that is high in fiber can largely help.

Want more reasons to eat apples? Read on:

Controls acid reflux 

Ever experienced the condition of reflux? It is when the stomach acids tend to rise up to the esophagus causing difficulties around the chest area. This can be cured with mild alterations in your food habits and lifestyle altogether. As far as the health benefits of apple are concerned, it is said that apples tend to create an alkaline environment in your digestive system. Hence, consuming an apple at the night before your bedtime is said to neutralize the effect of acid reflux and give you complete relief eventually.

Best for babies 

Apple is one of the best foods to give your babies. This is a much-recommended weaning food once babies turn 6 months of age. Generally, an apple is given in the form of puree at this stage because it is easily digestible. Over and above, Apple has got all the essential nutrients for a baby’s growth, and it also substantially increases immunity in children. 

Do you know? In an average-sized apple, you get about 52 calories, 14 grams of carbohydrates, 0.17 grams of fat, and 2.4 grams of dietary fiber. 

How to prepare apple puree for babies?

Peel off the skin from the apple. Steam cook it in an idli cooker or steamer. Once the apples turn soft, smash them thoroughly using a blender or use a mixer jar to grind them into puree form. Worry not if the apple puree changes in color, because that is its nature! 

Diabetes friendly fruit 

Apples are excellent sources of vitamin C. So, whenever you head out for work, just grab an apple and toss it into your sling bag! This will help you curb your uninvited hunger pangs. As a diabetic patient, it is natural for you to calculate your carbohydrate intake. However, Apple doesn’t just have carbohydrates, but also an ample amount of fiber. This fiber content slows down the process of carbohydrate absorption. Hence, there is no possibility of spiking your sugar level. Basically, fiber is very diabetic friendly and protective. It largely helps in controlling blood sugar in your body. 

There is one more aspect which is the type of sugar in apple. The health benefits of apple are that the fruit contains fructose. This has a very meager impact in spiking your blood sugar levels. Similarly, apples are high in polyphenols which is also a compound that slows down carbohydrate digestion.

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Healthy post-pregnancy fruit 

When you have just delivered your infant, it becomes imperative for you to eat right. Why not apples? They are an excellent choice of fruit that is available all around the year. It can also help you secrete more breast milk for your infant with all the nutrients held intact. Furthermore, as a new mother, you may easily tend to feel dizzy and tired. So keeping yourself hydrated is essential. Having an apple at least once a day can give your body the needed hydration.

Do you know? You will feel hungry very often than normal when you have just delivered a baby! 

Glowing, younger looking skin 

Glowing, tight skin is something that almost every woman on earth ageing above 30 is longing for. You can achieve this by consuming fruits and foods that are high in antioxidants. At this point, let us get reminded of the health benefits of apple. The fruit is high in antioxidant properties that can keep your body cells nourished and protected from possible damage. Furthermore, there is high amount of collagen and elastin in apples which altogether helps in tightening your skin. 

How to make an exfoliating apple face mask?

Peel the skin off an apple. Grind it into a puree. Add a spoon of honey to it and a dash of oatmeal. Mix it thoroughly and apply this as a face mask. This is going to do wonders more than you think! 

The wind up note

Apple is one of the ubiquitous fruits found across the world. In fact, this is available throughout the year and it is interestingly available in a range of different species and colors. It has got a mild sweet taste which is either liked by people or totally hated! Which extreme are you? Be it anything, you need to remember that the health benefits of apple are incredible. Make it a habit to have at least one apple once in two days.

Though its skin is healthy, due to the extensive use of pesticides and chemicals during cultivation, it is always better that you remove the skin and consume the whole fruit. And it’s better that you don’t adulterate it with sugar or others in its juice form! 

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