10 Remarkable Benefits of Jeera Water you need to know

benefits of jeera water

You may comprehend the importance of jeera just by learning the fact that is an integral part of south Indian spice containers. Be it any kind of digestive troubles, the first natural remedy to go for is Jeera – it’s simple, quick, yet effective! This article will throw light on the benefits of jeera water to your total body’s system.

To give you a clue, jeera is also predominantly in use in other cuisines including African and Asian nations. Jeera water also known as the Jeera detox water is often much-touted for it is very low in calories, but highly efficacious and recommended for people with different kinds of physical conditions: obese, diabetic, children, adults, etc.

This article talks about the remarkable benefits of jeera water and how it helps in detoxification of the body and promotes overall wellbeing.

10 Benefits Of Jeera Water

1. Drastically Improves Digestion 

This is one of the commonest reasons to include jeera. The benefits of jeera water for digestion is one of the key reasons to include it in Ayurvedic medicines. It contains rich anti-gas properties that hinder irritable bowel syndrome. This in turn curbs flatulence and burp issues in no time. For those who need instant homemade medicine, the jeera water is indeed the easiest choice to go with. 

Importantly, Jeera taps your body’s production of pancreatic enzymes which is the primary compound essential for digestion. And jeera is rich in Thymol which in turn boosts saliva production that is responsible for the breakdown of complex food particles and nutrients including sugar, protein, and fat.

Jeera water also acts as a natural pain killer when you suffer acute abdominal pain or stomach ache.

2. Intense Anti-Inflammatory Properties 

Do you know? Jeera is rich with Thymoquinone which is extracted and used in the making of capsules to treat digestive troubles. 

The Thymoquinone content in Jeera adds protection to the liver. This is a bioactive ingredient in cumin suitable for people who suffer with fatty liver disease, and shows hepatoprotective effects. 

The very aroma of cumin aldehyde found in cumin seeds is of great help. It works by recovering the person from fatigue and pain in the joints as well. Cumaldehyde is notably rich with antioxidant properties which basically aids by preventing oxidative damage and taps the stored fat in the liver.

A lot of scientific studies tell that obesity is a pro-inflammatory condition. As you drink jeera water, it postpones or reduces obesity caused due to inflammation. 

3. Prevents Cancer

Jeera has got rich scavenging properties with which it combats free radicals. As a result, it is in fact medical proven that jeera can potentially prevent cancer. The body’s natural, innate process of detoxification takes place unhindered and there is seamless detoxification taking place all through. 

According to research reports, jeera is proven to curb multiplication of cancer cells. There were researches performed on rats where it was observed that Jeera could control colon cancer in the creature. 

Out of the 9 most popular herbs in use, the most effective ones with anti-carcinogen properties are cumin seeds and basil. So, I believe, now you’ve got reasons to include jeera water in your intake.

Tip Time 

Don’t like Jeera water for its bland taste? Why don’t you try adding a pinch of cinnamon powder or a drop of lime juice to perk up its taste?

4. Aids in Weight Loss

Basically, cumin seeds contain components that aid your course of weight loss. As obvious, anyone who is in the journey of weight loss would reduce their food intake and avoid processed foods. At this stage, one of the most common challenges faced is suppressing hunger. Worry not, the benefits of jeera water is that it helps you in controlling hunger pangs. Drinking a glass full of this drink will keep your gut fuller for longer. 

Furthermore, jeera waterworks by catalyzing your body’s process of burning fat, thus weeding out unwanted flabs. 

5. Detox Effects

One more benefits of jeera water is that it has extreme detox effects on the body. It facilitates the body to produce new cells and soars the body’s metabolism. There are different kinds of cumin seeds like regular, black, and bitter cumin seeds. And all of these kinds come with excellent detoxification effects.

The seeds are rich in phosphorous content which is primarily helpful in 

Tip time 

It’s highly advisable that you stay away from carbonated drinks and sip on jeera water whenever you feel tired! 

6. Brings Down LDL Cholesterol Levels

Before getting into the connection between jeera water and LDL cholesterol, let me explain the latter. 

What is LDL cholesterol? It stands for low-density lipoprotein. It is better known as bad cholesterol. It gets deposited in the walls of blood vessels which eventually causes cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, HDL is touted as good cholesterol which keeps your body protected and safe. 

Coming on to the benefits of jeera water, it is said to lower LDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol. In fact, according to the latest studies, cumin seeds are said to determine the lipid profile as well as body composition in women. 

In addition, there is rich potassium content in cumin seeds which aids the process fluid regulation and body’s electrolyte balance. On the whole, cumin boosts heart function and keeps blood pressure under normal levels.

Do you know? You can have your body’s blood pressure under control by drinking a glass of cumin water in the empty stomach.

7. Controls Blood Sugar

It needs no introduction that insulin is the element that keeps blood sugar level under control. And the benefits of Jeera water is that it stimulates the production of insulin. It is suggested that the diabetics consume at least one serving of jeera water in the empty stomach every morning. In particular, in order to avoid possible adulteration, it’s smart if you go for black cumin seeds. 

As people often ask whether it is proven by science, yes, it is. The extent of the functioning of a diabetic drug and that of jeera have equally functioned in the human body system in boosting insulin secretion and lowering cholesterol levels. 

With that being said, you no more will have to worry about your diabetes. With a few lifestyle changes and daily dose of jeera water, you are all set to kick out the health condition, isn’t it?

8. Excellent For Lactating Mothers

Insufficient breastmilk is one of the common problems that new mothers face. It is a highly intimidating aspect of motherhood that is often taken to the medical practitioners for help. For those who suffer the same, here is the most natural remedy: the benefits of jeera water will help in increasing breastmilk production multifold.

Nature never creates a life without its source of food on earth. And well, babies do feed on their mum and the best food to serve until 6 months is breastmilk. There are two surprising spices in the kitchen which are fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds both of which are proven to help with increasing breastmilk supply. 

For lactating mothers, it is suggested that they prepare a pot full of jeera water once in the morning and drink it whenever they are thirsty. The more jeera water they drink, the more breastmilk will your baby get.

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9. Gives you Postpartum Strength

Besides giving you a boost in breastmilk supply, jeera water is also said to give new mothers the needed dose of iron and keeps them strong both of which are imperative for new mothers, especially as they are bound to go through the postpartum phase.

10. Eases your Gestation Period

Often times, women face digestive troubles during their gestation period. To curb this, you can make use of the benefits of jeera water. There are a lot of reflex problems faced as you get pregnant, especially after 5-6 months. During this period, it is suggested that you eat foods of very little spice and consume jeera water regularly so that you get the foods easily digested and don’t feel any kind of discomfort.

Wind Up Note

In addition to all the above benefits of jeera water, you have a lot more as well. Jeera also helps you in getting better sleep and treats conditions like insomnia. As it is rich in vitamin B, it is suggested that you make it a regular habit to take jeera water. And of course, it’s easy to make too.

In fact, you may carry a bottle full of jeera water and sip it whenever thirsty, simple. Besides all of its health benefits, think it as a beverage and an alternative to regular coffee or tea that you sip. If you prefer to add a spoon of honey, that’s going to be even healthier and tastier. Try it for yourself and feel the magic! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I always drink jeera water in warm temperature?

Not necessarily, you may drink the water in lukewarm temperature or regular room temperature. It’s primarily about the essence of jeera that has got into the water.

Can I feed jeera water to children?

Of course, yes, its benefits in children is that it helps in curing common cold. Jeera water is particularly suggested during fever and cold. 

Jeera water recipe 

Take two glasses of drinking water and boil it. Once it comes to a boil, turn off the stove and toss a spoon of jeera. Let it rest for about 10 minutes so that the essence of jeera gets infused in the water. After the period of resting, filter out and drink the water. It is optional to add a spoon of honey if you wish as it is going to give you an extra flavor to the beverage. 

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