10 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Drinking Water

benefits of drinking water

There is no wonder you already know the importance of water, but do you know why? There are too many science-backed facts that go behind the essentiality of drinking water. Let’s learn these benefits of drinking water in the below:

As you probably know, we, humans are made of 80 percent water in our body. Yes, it is: water is the primary element of the human body system that keeps it in the healthy temperature levels, assures proper brain activity, and also processes the needed detox every now and then as required. While a lot of us frequently gulp down water, there are others who are lazy enough to grab the water jug to drink even while thirsty, weird?

Let’s learn why drinking water is as important as you breathe and the benefits of drinking water. There are too many reasons of which we shall discuss the most primary ones here.

Discovering the benefits of drinking water 

1. Helps in maintaining proper body temperature

The human body is designed such that it balances its internal temperature with that of external counterpart. When the body is subject to strenuous activities or physical movements, or an environment of high temperature, it is probably getting heated up. To counteract this, the body produces sweat and keeps you cool. However, as you sweat, the body loses its plasma and electrolytes as it undergoes dehydration. Either of these are notably essential for a healthy body. So drinking an ample amount of water every now and then assures to keep the body hydrated and maintain its temperature at healthy levels. 

2. Maintains your joints healthy and active

Ever heard of the term called synovial fluid? It is a translucent fluid like the egg’s white part that is found in synovial joints. It is this viscous liquid that keeps all your joints well-lubricated without friction in these areas. Now that you understood the importance of this type of fluid, you are also supposed to comprehend with the fact that water is the primary component of this fluid. The benefits of drinking water is that it assures healthy levels of synovial fluid and keeps your bones and joints hale and healthy. 

3. As obvious, water keeps you hydrated 

Water is the most fundamental necessity of human survival. You need water to maintain its body temperature, transport nutrients to different parts of the body, excrete the waste, keep the joints lubricated and much more. Each and every single tissue and cell in the body certainly demands ample amount of water. Well, the benefits of drinking water is that it keeps your body well hydrated. 

When I say water, it is not just about the transparent fluid chemically called the h2o that you should gulp down. There are many other forms in which you may consume water which are fruits, beverages, milk, juice, among others. 

4. Helps in the process of digestion 

Do you know? You should not be drinking too much of water amidst you meal. Sipping water in between your meals is fine, but not drink excessive volume as it may hurdle digestion.

Of course, as you can easily understand with the title, drinking water helps in promoting better digestion in your system. As you drink water, it gets mixed up with the stomach acids and does the process of digestion. This helps in making the bowel movements easier and softens stool so that you don’t suffer constipation. Importantly, water aids your digestive tract in breaking down your food intake, thus paving way for enhanced nutrition absorption in the gut. 

Fundamentally, to have free bowel movements, you need to consume more fibrous foods and drink a lot of water – simple!  

Time for titbit 

It’s often said that you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Well, let’s be practical. The volume of water your body needs depends on multiple factors like external temperature, your lifestyle, and thirst level. So, rationally thinking, you need to drink water according to your demand. Watch your body’s thirst signals and respond accordingly. 

5. Feels more active and energetic

For a physically active person, water is highly essential. It keeps the person energetic throughout the day. In case of sports person or others who are usually involved in intense physical activities, there will be sweating of about 6 to 10 percent of their total body weight. Hence, evidently, this draws the need to drink more water. 

For people who indulge in high intensity training or endurance training, there may be severe consequences of drinking insufficient volume of water. Well, let me not explain you how drastic it could be, but limit it to just a bland caution, as I don’t want to sound on the negative extreme.

6. Basic energy boost 

Of course, no one wants to be lazy, do you? To get the desired dose of energy boost, you need to be drinking water. The benefits of drinking water is that it activates your metabolism proportionally increases your overall energy level. 

You got to believe me saying you can get up to 30% hike in energy level with just 500ml of drinking water.

7. Enhances your mood

Assume you get back home after a hectic day with full of works and chaotic happenings that has irked you in and out! How will that feel when you sit on the couch and sip a glass full of water? How relaxing and soothing will that be? If you’re nodding, that’s my success of creating this sub-title of the article that drinking water elevates your mood. 

According to research reports, the more water you drink, the better will be your mood levels. In a number of studies that were conducted to the learn the effectiveness of drinking water in elevating mood levels, it is discovered that water can weed out tension and possible confusions that are prevailing in your mind. 

At this juncture, it is important to understand that often times, the primary cause of depression or anxiety is fatigue which is a result of dehydration.

8. Soft and supple skin

Ever heard the term collagen? If you are a beauty freak, you must have certainly come across this term. For those of you who don’t know, collagen is a type of protein that gives good texture to your skin, keeps it hydrated and supple all through.

As we get older, year after year, our body tends to produce a lesser amount of collagen. And as a result, your skin develops wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, patches, and a lot more. Worry not, as you know, you have the magical drink called the water! The benefits of drinking water is that it helps you build collagen which will consequentially take care of the rest of the skincare processes naturally all by itself. In addition, drinking ample water also helps in keeping the skin hydrated all through. 

You also got believe me saying there will be direct contact with your genes plus your skin’s sun protection levels. 

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9. Water for losing weight

Yes, you read that right – water can help you lose weight. There is a magic that you may try for weight loss. Assume, you get the feel of so-called ‘hunger’.

What do you normally do when you are hungry? Go on and get yourself a serving of the meal, isn’t it? Wait, don’t do it the next time. Instead, get a glass of water and gulp it down. Wait for one more time and observe your hunger pangs. Discover whether they are real or fake! If that’s a fake hunger, it will probably fade away in a few minutes as you have satiated your hunger with water. On the contrary, if you are still hungry, you may go on and have your meal. Drinking water is a way of discovering whether your body really feels hungry or not.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting – have you ever heard of this term? This is a magical weight loss procedure that helps you lose weight by consuming nothing but water! Yes, you are right: all you need for weight loss is water. Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle practice where you eat your regular meals only during specific time periods ranging from 4 hours to 8 hours and during the rest of the day, you eat nothing but water. By this way, your body burns its stored fat to meet its energy demands and you lose weight. 

So, are you able to believe me saying drinking water can help you with weight loss? You don’t have to thank me for this.

10. Improves immunity

This holds especially true when you drink water from a copper container. The benefits of drinking water from a copper container is that it helps in boosting your body’s immunity level. And it importantly reduces the overall time period of healing in case your body undergoes any trauma or injury.

There is no wonder you remember your ancestors using copper vessels to drink water, and they have rational thinking behind it. Those were the then age RO water purifies that we install shelling out thousands of bucks. Water stored in a copper vessels can kill all the microorganisms found in it, and it further infuses certain types of minerals to the water. It is suggested that the water is stored in a copper vessel at least for 4 hours so that you get its fullest benefits.

Wind up note 

It’s no big deal to drink water frequently. It is going to bring you a lot of benefits of drinking water besides simply quenching your thirst. Further, the overall body’s metabolism and immunity are largely impacted by the volume of water you drink. Just by easily assuring that you get the right amount of water, you may avoid a host of bodily troubles and lead a happy and healthy life altogether.

At the same time, it is suggested that parents don’t force their children to drink water as the kids naturally tend to get their daily dose of water supply. They generally indulge in a lot of physical activities and play around throughout the day which naturally increases their frequency of thirst and keeps them hydrated. As parents, when you keep insisting them to drink water, there are chances for them to show hesitance which rather may happen naturally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of drinking 4 liters of water a day?

Basically, it is not mandatory to drink exactly 4 litres of water, however depending on your thirst level and physical activity, you may drink the stipulated amount or even further to boost metabolism and overall health.

What are the benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel?

As aforementioned, the possible presence of microorganisms are killed when you store water in a copper vessel.

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