10 Rejuvenating Benefits Of Green Tea For Hair Growth

benefits of green tea for hair growth

As far as hot beverages are considered, the first most preferred is tea! And the next is probably coffee. Though this is common, a huge population of health-conscious people are turning their heads towards green tea. And this article is all about the benefits of green tea for hair. 

Green tea consumption has been in practice for over years. For those of you who don’t know, the beverage is native of India and China as well. Have you ever wondered what makes green tea different from the regular tea dust you use? The regular form of tea is prepared by fermenting whereas for green tea, the tea leaves are dried and steamed. As a result, the minerals and all the nutrients are held intact in the tea leaves. 

The practice of drinking green tea is gradually getting piercing into many other global nations for it has huge health benefits. Let us discover the benefits of green tea for hair and how it helps in hair regrowth and curbing hair fall in detail below.

How many of you like the translucent drink for its gorgeous color tone? I love that! 

Benefits of green tea for hair 

1. Relaxed mind for healthy hair 

One of the most important reasons for hair loss is stress. When you are depressed and stressed about things in your life, this naturally leads to excessive hair fall. But wait, you have the excellent drink called green tea which can instantly elevate your mood, no matter how bad the situation is. You may sip the green tea in your preferred form. 

Who said green tea is bland? There are many forms in which you can make it right from masala chai to chamomile tea.

2. Prevents hair loss

You also need to know that green tea is helpful in preventing hair loss. Green tea is rich in catechins which aids your hair by reducing DTH levels which is the main cause of hair loss.

DTH is nothing but dihydrotestosterone which is a hormone containing intense androgenic nature. 

As per researches, drinking green tea regularly will also help you with improved hair texture and volume besides curbing hair loss. 

3. Dandruff and dryness solution 

The most common problem especially among women is that they suffer from dry hair and dandruff. When they seek natural solutions, they only end up with neem-related ideas but don’t stop with that. There will be magical benefits of green tea for hair as well.

As we are constantly exposed to chemicals in the form of shampoo, conditioners, hair oil, etc., the chances of our hair to get extremely dry is too high. These chemicals also inhibit hair regrowth. If you are nodding to all of these, you got to start drinking green tea. It is extremely helpful in keeping your hair moist and removes dandruff. It also promotes hair regrowth and nourishes the hair follicles as green tea is intense with anti-inflammatory properties.

On the other hand, it is also a smart idea to make use of green tea rinse in order to bid bye to your dandruff problems. 

4. Also serves as an excellent hair mask 

Good if you like the taste of green tea for consumption. As said, there are several health benefits of green tea. In addition, the green tea can also be used to make a nourishing hair mask which you can apply on the hair regularly. It can be made real easy and simple.

Take a tbsp of coconut oil and olive oil each. And take the yolk part of an egg. Mix these together well and to this, add 2tbsp of green tea powder. Perhaps all these ingredients are always available in your kitchen.

Just give a thorough mix of all these ingredients and apply gently all over the scalp area. Allow the hair and scalp to fully absorb the nourishment for at least 15 minutes. And then wash off. You are going to have an amazingly fresh and voluminous hair that’s shining and soft. 

The alternate way to make green tea hair mask: take a spoon of regular coconut oil used for hair. To this, add a few drops of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of green tea. Mix these altogether and apply as a hair pack. Wash off with cold water after 20 minutes.

5. Helps you get voluminous hair 

While you have a lot of hair tonic advertisements out there to persuade you to buy the luxurious bottle, why don’t you take a slew and go for natural methods? One of the key benefits of green tea is that it helps you in increasing the volume of hair substantially. 

For this, all you need is to take just one serving of green tea every day either in the morning or in the evening. This beverage is rich in antioxidants and helps you in recovering from range of health ailments which in turn results in overall body health. As a result of overall improvement in your wellbeing, you will have naturally enhanced hair growth. 

If you ever want voluminous hair and leave your best pals jealous of you, go on and start gulping down the drink right away! 

6. Kicks Off Parasites 

The main reason for growth of parasites in hair is bacterial or fungal growth. This may be a result of improper maintenance of your hair. Worry not, there is always a solution for you to regain the natural nourishment and health of your hair.

Go and grab your green tea pack as it can help you in kicking off these parasites instantly. You can make use of the best benefits of green tea for hair by sipping the drink regularly or using any hair pack or mask at least once in a month. 

Do you know that the parasites on your scalp may weaken the hair roots and cause severe hair damage?

7. Cholesterol vs hair loss

Sounds weird? But you ought to believe me saying the relation between these two that high levels of cholesterol in your body may cause hair loss. When your body’s DHT levels increase, it causes hair loss. With consumption of green tea at least once in a day, your body’s levels of DHT and also cholesterol gets reduced.

There is a component called 5-alpha reductase which transforms testosterone into DHT. Green tea helps in inhibiting this process and keeps your body healthy, and eventually your hair healthy too.

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8. Well-nourished and rich scalp

A healthy body needs healthy blood flow – simple. And the same applies to hair growth as well. When your scalp gets good amount of oxygenated blood flow, it naturally reflects in your hair health without much hair fall or damage. 

Green tea pours you with immaculate benefits as it contains antioxidants, amino acids, and essential enzymes each of which is of prime importance in beauty and skincare.

Basically, green tea works by knocking off the plaque in blood and enhances proper blood flow throughout the body.

9. Treats split ends

Split ends is one of the most common hair damage condition that results out of extremely dry hair. This is a condition where the ends of hair get split and this continues down the roots, thus causing holistic damage. To stop this quickly, you may try green tea hair mask. The recipe is aforementioned. This helps in keeping the hair nourished and moist which altogether helps you in preventing split end damage. 

Green tea is naturally enriched with astringent and tonic nature. It retains the natural shine and luster of your hair which is one thing every woman longs for! 

10. Feel the wow with green tea conditioner

As you have probably befriended the benefits of green tea with all the above, you naturally believe me saying green tea can condition your hair. To make it in the right way, brew some green tea and leave it overnight. To this, mix some glycerine to it and shake these two in a closed glass jar. Voila, you will not have your thoroughly fresh and natural green tea conditioner to turn your hair fluffy and soft all through. Curious to try? Go on right away. 

Wind Up Note

While green tea was a thing of fashion a few years ago, these days, people are much aware and understand the benefits of green tea for hair, skin, heart and overall health. And its consumption is recently increased multifold. There is wide-spreading awareness that it’s good to avoid milk tea or coffee. 

There are many who are in look out for alternative beverage options as they can’t do away with anything hot in the morning and evening. So, why don’t you get addicted to green tea as it is healthy and tasty as well? It is a fabulous replacement to your regular tea. And importantly, it is economical and quick to make too. Besides the benefits of green tea for hair, it does a lot more good for diabetic conditions, heart health, and overall health of your body. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I make use of green tea conditioners and shampoos?

Yes, you may use green tea conditioners, however you always have natural methods of preparing green tea products at home which are always advisable and recommended.

2. Can pregnant women drink green tea?

Yes, you can, but restrict it to just one serving as excessive consumption of anything is not suggested during gestation period.

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