12 Surprising benefits of drinking hot water! digestion & more

benefits of drinking hot water

Don’t stay cool! Get hot! Know the benefits of drinking HOT water

While you’ve got a number of beverage options: be it hot or cold, why should hot water be given a special positon? A lot of us are addicted to tea and coffee, and sodas and juices, and even plain milk, but the world of medicine always recommends drinking at least a glass of HOT water. Ever thought why? 

The benefits of drinking hot water is much underestimated! Here are ten fabulous ways in which hot water helps your physiology: mentally and physically. 

It’s suggested that you drink a glass of hot water once in the morning and in the evening as hot water is boasted of infusing your body with a whole lot of benefits including enhancement of your body’s metabolism

Without any more wait, here is the quick list of reasons for recommending hot water. Check ’em out!

12 Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

1. Hot water is your body’s cleansing agent

Your body sweats from head to toe after sipping a glass of hot water, ever noticed?

It is a fact that hot water helps in cleansing your body thoroughly. All the toxins and chemicals found in your body get flushed out by drinking hot water. Hot water acts by increasing the overall body temperature and provokes your endocrine system. As a result, the body’s toxins are ejected via sweat.

2. Eases your morning release 

Embarrassed and disgusting? Say NO! 

He who regularly drinks hot water in the morning and evening will never have the trouble of constipation. Trust me, if you are hitting your office too late because of your constipation trouble, you need to immediately start the habit of drinking hot water!

Hot water helps in breaking down the fat and food particles found in the intestine. And it enhances bowel movement. By enabling bowel contraction, your system finds it easy to defecate with ease.

3. Oral hygiene 

You might have often noticed health experts recommending hot water and salt for gargling. If you’ve ever underestimated its benefits, you need to know that hot water is one magical element for enjoying good dental hygiene. It flushes out the sediments found on tooth and tongue and eradicates all the food residues clinging to your teeth. 

In fact a lot of dentists suggest brushing your teeth with warm water in the morning and night and make it a routine practice. 

Replace cold water with hot water while brushing. No, it need not be too hot, just a lukewarm temperature would do.

Caution: Just make sure that the water is not too hot to damage the enamel in your teeth! 

4. Weight loss

Logically, when hot water helps in digestion, it is also going to help in weight loss, agree?

Make it a practice to drink a glass of hot water in the morning every day – in the empty stomach, importantly. As aforementioned, it increase the overall body temperature which in turn will boost body’s metabolism and help in shedding those extra calories accumulated in the body. It further removes the feel of bloating in your stomach. 

5. Bloody veins and arteries! 

Drinking hot water flushes your body’s blood to the veins and arteries! There is going to be enhanced and healthier blood circulation all through. Besides, it also relaxes your body’s muscles which helps in promoting better sleep. The better is the flow of blood, the better is your physical activity and sleep patterns. 

Secret sleep tip! Add a few drops of essential oil to your tub of bathing water. Taking a shower using this aromatic water promotes better sleep too. Yes, hot water is not just good to take internally, but externally too.

6. Hate ageing? You’re not alone 

You won’t realize you’re ageing unless and until you get called ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’ by neighbor children! 

Worry not, start the practice of sipping HOT water every single day to kick out the process of ageing and look younger, wrinkle-free and gleaming skin tone. As we age above 30 years, our skin tends to develop blemishes, dark spots, clogs, pores, dark circles, wrinkles, and a lot more! Basically, your skin starts getting dull and tired even if you’re under your roof all the 24*7! 

You got to understand: the more toxins your body stores, the faster is the process of ageing. By drinking hot water regularly, it helps in clearing toxins which in turn devastates the root cause of various skin problems and infections. Plus, the benefits of drinking hot water is that it also keeps the skin hydrated and moist all the time.

7. Fresher, finer mind! 

Ever noticed the dose of freshness that spreads in you after sipping a glass of hot water?

You’re right! Your body tends to feel fresh after sipping a glass of hot water. You get rejuvenated in and out and have better clarity in thoughts and mood altogether.

Never felt before? You got to try now!

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8. Decongests nasal passage and throat 

If you’re much troubled by congestion in nasal passage and throat, or probably with sinus infection, it is best to drink hot water regularly. In addition, you may also breathe in hot vapors released out of hot water as it decongests clogged nose and mucus. There is a major role played by the temperature of water that we drink. Hot water clearly helps in dealing with upper respiratory infection symptoms. Plus, the mucus build up in the throat also gets loosened and gets released as you drink hot water.

9. Hydrated all through

Yes, you are going to stay hydrated even as you drink cold water! But there is double benefits of drinking hot water. In addition to keeping you hydrated, hot water has a whole lot of advantages as mentioned above and below. By making it a practice to drink it in the morning every day, you get to have a routine to stick to.

10. Organic pain alleviator

If you’re being troubled by body ache of any kind, drinking hot water is sure to alleviate your pain and give your muscles a full bunch of relaxation. 

Here is the logic: as you drink hot water, it causes muscle contraction and promotes better flow of blood to the body tissues. With that being said, the entire body’s system gets better with increased flow of oxygenated blood. Thus, this benefit of drinking hot water gives relief from body ache and menstrual pain alike. 

I know you chow down some snacks in the middle of the night just the way I do! Don’t worry. You will no more have those midnight cravings if you sip hot water every night before bed! Trust me! 

11. Befriends your central nervous system 

Do you know that hot water acts as a lubricator to your body’s central nervous system? Just the way you add engine oil to your two-wheeler! I’m not joking! Whether you are going through physical pain like body ache or headache, or any kind of mental stress, drinking hot water can alleviate the trauma and instantly give you a dose of relaxation. Plus, if you are suffering with problems like arthritis, by relaxing your central nervous system, it alleviates the overall stress on your body. 

12. Subsides morning sickness in pregnant women

Knock, knock! There’s someone inside! 

Is your little one troubling you in the mornings even before its born? That’s what the medical world calls morning sickness during pregnancy.

Your body tends to undergo nausea and other morning sickness due to dehydration. You may easily kick this away by slowly sipping a glass of hot water. This need not be too hot to burn your throat, but a little between warm and hot so that it promotes healthy bowel movements and helps you in reducing constipation. 

In addition, by drinking hot water during pregnancy, it also helps in better digestive properties. How water clears the digestive tract and hence enables the body in absorbing nutrients found in food. Plus, the fat content and oil found in the food you take in gets easily dissolved in hot water and the entire volume of nutrients is transformed to the fetus. 

Furthermore, as you are not supposed to take any external medicines during the gestation period, drinking hot water is one way of preventing health ailments like common cold, flu, fever, or others which otherwise may occur and cause unnecessary panic and mandates need for pills or other forms of medicines. 

Wind up note 

Now that you’ve understood the many different advantages of drinking hot water, isn’t that too late already? Go, get your glass of water and heat it up in your electric kettle and start sipping slowly! There is absolutely no effort that goes into preparing hot water, but its effects are magical. From head to toe, you get to have enormous benefits of drinking hot water which you could never gain through medications or other means.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I drink hot water after working out in the gym?

It’s better that you drink cold water or lukewarm water after your workouts, and not hot water as your body would have already got heated up with workouts. 

Can I drink hot water after meals? Will it help in weight loss?

It’s better that you drink lukewarm water after meals instead of hot water. Drinking hot water in the empty stomach does help for weight loss than taking it right after meals. 

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